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Sonowars part 2 from #SMACC14.  #foamed

Here it is, the conclusion.  We know the suspense has been killing you.  Who will win:  The Australian experts or the upstarts from the States?  The epic battle continues here. Don’t miss the 2015 version! Register for SMACC 2015 and come join us the week before for several days of ultrasound education in beautiful Yellowstone National Park. In this episode :30 – DVT …


Ultrasound Guided Pericardiocentesis Microcast! #foamed Education Mainlined…..

OK, no funny, no cuteness, nothing.  Just straight echo guided procedural education.  We like to have fun and keep it light because we think that enhances your education and keeps you interested.  However, we’re talking about pericardiocentesis here.  Is there any procedure more “puckering” than sticking a needle in the pericardium of a crashing patient.  So just imagine yourself in …