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Episode 30 – Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks Part 2

GET READY for... ...The BIGGEST announcement EVER on the Ultrasound Podcast. If you get all warm inside when listening to Mike and Matt make fools of themselves on international sonovison, but you wish there was more...well now there IS more. What am I talking about? Tune in and turn up for this special edition of Ultrasound Podcast. We'll blow [...]

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Episode 29 – Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks Part 1

Well this isn't the first podcast we've done on US guided blocks, but it's the first ever nerve block podcast in the history of mankind to feature so much Mikeness.  We promised you big Mikes this month, and now we're gonna deliver. Mike Stone, "The Block Boss" joins us in this episode to chat about [...]

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Episode 24 – Femoral Nerve

A lion that needs a femoral nerve block.  How can you do it easily?  Ultrasound of course!  Watch this latest episode and be one of the cool kids.  Knock that femoral nerve block out like a pro.  Every time.

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