Ultrasound Mistakes Part 2 by @EGLS_JFandMax, & Cabo, & HIV/TB US coming soon! #FOAMED

You’re right, that was a lot of possible ultrasound mistakes the Canadians laid on us last time.  They’re not done, though.  There’s more.  Listen to find out.  We would tell you more about it, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise…… Also, if you haven’t heard, we’re teaching at a pretty sweet conference in Cabo in December with Weingart, …

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Ultrasound Mistakes Podcast with @EGLS_JFandMax. Also, ebooks FREE on inkling.com. #foamed

Are you sitting down?  If not, then go ahead….have a seat.  We’ve got news.  Sometimes…..how do we say this……ultrasounding the patient may not be the right thing to do.  Now, we’ve yet to find that particular situation, but the Canadian guys tell us this is the case.  In fact, there’s a whole list of problems and pitfalls that can be …


EGLS (Echo Guided Life Support) with @egls_jfandmax #foamed

Everyone knows what the RUSH protocol is. What, you just emerged from your Soviet-era bunker and don’t know?  Well, that’s fine.  We’ll be having Scott Weingart himself teaching it to you on the podcast in a couple weeks. For everyone else, though, like I said, you know the RUSH protocol.  It’s an incredible tool for assessing the undifferentiated hypotensive patient. …