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Free US-Guided IV Course!!!

We'll be broadcasting live via google hangouts.  To watch the course simply go to google hangouts and search for the "Ultrasound Guided IV course". It should also be live on the ultrasoundpodcast youtube channel, which is HERE. ( It starts at 0800 EST and goes until 1100 EST. If you want to "prepare" you should [...]

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IV Ultrasound Course Streaming Live!!??

This Saturday, 8AM-12 EST, the Not A Pincushion IV Ultrasound Course will be streaming live.  We're having some IT issues, but we're 63.7% sure we'll be able to stream live.  Stay tuned to the @ultrasoundpod twitter feed for live updates.    

Matt and Mike are at ACEP

Come say hi to Matt and Mike at ACEP in Denver. Follow the tweets to find out where they are.

Stone’s Side 8 – Doin’ it in the Community

Had the pleasure of catching up with Preston Wendell last week and talking, among other things, about running an EUS program in a community hospital.           Don't let his awesome mountain man look scare you away from listening: there's lots of great advice here from a guy who's been making the [...]


Hangout with Ultrasound Podcast

What if that roomful of nerds was actually a single nerd in single rooms all over the world? Matt and Mike have listened to your wants and desires. We've brought together some of the greatest minds in Critical Care Ultrasound and are broadcasting a Google hangout on Tuesday October 2nd at 7pm EST. Check the Ultrasound Podcast [...]

Let Your Voice be Heard

Don't forget to vote for ACEP ultrasound section chair!  We have two great candidates this year:  Mike Mallin, you may have heard of him, and Chris Raio.  Either one would be a great leader for our section and both strongly believe that 47% of the ACEP ultrasound section are freeloaders who don't pay taxes.  Seriously, [...]

Stone Side 7 – The Godfather Speaks

We'd like to write something clever or witty about this interview by Mike Stone of Vivek Tayal, but the title says it all. We recommend having a seat, having a drink, and having a listen. Vivek is the man, and when he should listen.


Transcription Opportunity

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!! The Ultrasound Podcast is giving one lucky listener an incredible opportunity.  We've found some cool new software with which to transcribe our videos and make them that much more awesome.  However, we thought, "We shouldn't hog all the fun ourselves.  We should give one of our listeners the opportunity to [...]

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Episode 35 – Gallbladder Ultrasound and Sneak Peak…

After the Sonogames episodes we got letters from both Charlie Sheen and Brittany Spears telling us we were embarrassing ourselves, so we’ve gotten back to the basics.  It doesn’t get much more basic than straight up, gallbladder ultrasound. Turns out that ED docs are as good as radiologists at gallbladder ultrasound!  What,  “That study was done way back [...] interview with Dr. Teri Reynolds, a good friend of mine and let's face it, a truly amazing person. She's Assistant Professor in the UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine, and currently the Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director at Muhimbili National Hospital, the main public hospital in Tanzania. hear what she has to say about ultrasound education, overcoming obstacles, [...]