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We’re #2….and Airway Ultrasound on Saturday!

We're #2!....We're #2!  Not quite an inspiring battle cry, but after 5 straight days as #1 medical book in the world on iTunes, Michael Schofield's "January First" overtook "Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound" at the top today.  However......we just found out it's in 50 countries now instead of 34 (including NZ).  So all you Kiwis, let [...]


So Apple has been wonderful and was able to get their normal 1 wk approval process done in a mere 2 months for us, and it's finally here.  The important thing to remember about this book is that people much smarter than us (Matt & Mike) actually wrote most of the chapters.  So reading, watching, [...]

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Episode 37 – Haney Mallemat Interview

In this interview by The Man, Mike Stone, Haney Mallemat gets asked the hard hitting questions that everyone wants to know but is too afraid to ask like:  "Tell us about yourself", "How'd you get started in Critical Care Ultrasound", and "What's your opinion on....".  They don't call him Mike "the stones" Stone for nothing. [...]

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Episode 36 – Small Bowel Obstruction

This episode has been updated with a english subtitled version.  For now, you must download the file and use a player featuring subtitles such as VLC Player.  We're working on a different solution for future subtitled episodes.  There is also a transcription featured below, as well as a link to download a PDF of the [...]


IV Course Expert Panel

Watch the IV Ultrasound Course Expert Panel Tips, Tricks, Q&A now:

IV Course Live NOW

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Free US-Guided IV Course!!!

We'll be broadcasting live via google hangouts.  To watch the course simply go to google hangouts and search for the "Ultrasound Guided IV course". It should also be live on the ultrasoundpodcast youtube channel, which is HERE. ( It starts at 0800 EST and goes until 1100 EST. If you want to "prepare" you should [...]

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IV Ultrasound Course Streaming Live!!??

This Saturday, 8AM-12 EST, the Not A Pincushion IV Ultrasound Course will be streaming live.  We're having some IT issues, but we're 63.7% sure we'll be able to stream live.  Stay tuned to the @ultrasoundpod twitter feed for live updates.    

Matt and Mike are at ACEP

Come say hi to Matt and Mike at ACEP in Denver. Follow the tweets to find out where they are.