Episode 39 – More Airway and Cardiac Ultrasound!

Pour yourself a cup of eggnog, cuddle up next to the fire, and get ready for story time. We've got a couple stories from the community of someone actually performing an US guided cricothyrotomy, and also a couple of cases of cardiac disease with accompanying echoes and education. Oh yeah, remember to follow us @ultrasoundpod, [...]


Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 1 Book Update

The numbering issue for the referenced images after chapter 5 has also been corrected as well.  The book is also now available in 50 countries! If you already have the iBook then just go to the ibook store and click on "update" when you pull up the ibook. Enjoy! p.s. - We've got some cardiac [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're thankful for a transcribed version of the hip ultrasound episode (thanks, Daniel).  Once again, you're able to turn off our annoying voices and make us sound however you want in your head thanks to Dr. Lakoff's strong work. (Click CC on the lower part of the video to see the captions)

Episode 38 – Hip Ultrasound, Aspiration, and Injection

No really, we're serious.  We understand that most of you practice in the ED and you may not be that excited about hip ultrasound, but trust us, this is pretty cool.  And if for no other reason, you should download because it's Mark Goodman again.  Yeah, the guy that looks like Val Kilmer, but is way more [...]


Yes, we know....the image numbering from chapter 6 on got screwed up during publication.  We submitted an update to fix this last week, but it still has not been pushed out by Apple yet.  It's coming soon, though.  Even with that SNAFU you've given it 100% 5 star ratings in the U.S. iTunes store.  Thanks [...]

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Airway Ultrasound Little Itty Bitty Transcribed

The People have spoken!  In a stunning show of bipartisanship agreement 94% of Americans agreed that The Ultrasound Podcast would be better if you could turn off Matt & Mike and just read the subtitles.  So here you go... subtitles.  Thanks to the stellar work of Daniel Lakoff, MD, of Mt. Sinai we have the [...]

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Little Itty Bitty 1 – Ultrasound-Guided Intubation

Ok, ok, so you can think of a thousand things.  But if you don't count anything related to sports, politics, sex, religion, music, poetry, or gangnam style music videos then there's only a hundred or so. Recently you may have heard The Master of the Critical Care Universe, Scott Weingart put out an episode on The [...]


FREE Copy of eBook!!!



We’re #2….and Airway Ultrasound on Saturday!

We're #2!....We're #2!  Not quite an inspiring battle cry, but after 5 straight days as #1 medical book in the world on iTunes, Michael Schofield's "January First" overtook "Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound" at the top today.  However......we just found out it's in 50 countries now instead of 34 (including NZ).  So all you Kiwis, let [...]


So Apple has been wonderful and was able to get their normal 1 wk approval process done in a mere 2 months for us, and it's finally here.  The important thing to remember about this book is that people much smarter than us (Matt & Mike) actually wrote most of the chapters.  So reading, watching, [...]