SMACC Club Hangout: Virtually Unstoppable!

Yes, we know you've heard of the SMACC conference.  If not, stop what your'e doing and go here.  It's gonna be off the hizzy (as the kids say), and we're super disappointed that we can't attend.  Thankfully, the brilliant organizers of SMACC care enough about all of us that they've created ways for us to get [...]


Last week Stone dropped some super hot innovation on you with the WIN episode.  This week, we're going old school and talking lung ultrasound.  OK, so maybe lung ultrasound isn't old school.  You may have never ultrasounded the lungs before other than pneumothorax, but that's not due to lack of evidence.  If you've been following us [...]

WIN - Wire in Needle

Wire in Needle: A WIN for needle visualization! #FOAMed

After those last 3 microcasts I'm sure you're all sticking needles in vessels under ultrasound guidance like crazy!  As you should. Why would you blindly stick a needle in the body unless you don't really care where it goes?  We've established that much. Now, let's take it to the next level.  In this episode we [...]

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Microcast: Radial Arterial Line Insertion #FOAMED

I don't know about you, but we just can't get enough of sticking needles in vessels!  We're running out of veins, though, so we're moving on to the arteries. Not everyone uses ultrasound for arterial lines, but that's not because there isn't pretty clear literature for it.  Instead, we think some people may have just not been [...]


Put down that central line kit!! Now, sure, we were just showing you a couple days ago how to put in an ultrasound guided central line, but it's usually not necessary.  At Thomas Jefferson they did a study where they tried an US guided PIV on every patient they couldn't get access on just before placing [...]


Microcast: IJ placement

For some reason we've been mistaken as experts and asked to make some instructional videos for the Roberts & Hedges Online videos.  So we're gonna release those to you as we finish them as "microcasts".  Now why are we calling them "microcasts" instead of Little Itty Bitties?  No reason.  Mainly just to confuse you.  We [...]

Alright, so you're almost ready to really push for ultrasound integration in your medical school, but you just wish that you could hear from someone who is the dean of a medical school that has done this for years and just happens to have founded an organization dedicated to ultrasound in medical education. Well, we [...]

Episode 41 -Ultrasound in Medical Education: Part 2

We promised you "how", so here it is.  After hearing about all the tremendous things you can do with ultrasound and how it helps medical students learn anatomy and the physical exam better we know what you're thinking:  "What if I don't have ultrasound at my medical school?  Am I destined to be a horrible [...]

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Episode 40 -Ultrasound in Medical Education: Part 1

We know what you're thinking:  "You guys made that up, didn't you?"  Actually, no. We wish we had, but this is straight from the top.  AIUM and SUSME are the co-organizers of the 2013: Year of Ultrasound initiative. So we wanted to do our part and talk about something we've wanted to talk about for a while:  ultrasound in medical [...]


Happy Holidays from The Ultrasound Podcast Family!

We just want to say Thank You for listening.  Your commitment to your patients and willingness to put up with our nonsense in order to improve the care you deliver inspire us. Thanks again! p.s. - that beautiful bouncing baby boy that Mike Stone is holding is Jody, the dude behind the scenes who makes the [...]