You heard us right, now you can get the Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound and take advantage of all its glorious interactivity on any computer or device with a web browser. It's on, and you can get the whole thing or just chapters.  When we heard about the platform, inkling, we knew we had to convert [...]

It's that time again.  Time for some US-guided nerve blocks mainlined.  We know, three episodes in a row of nerve blocks, but here's the thing......this stuff is awesome!  We're not sure if you're trying this or not, but once you do, we swear, you'll love it.  You'll love it because your patients will love it. [...]

brachial plexus

Brachial Plexus Blocks with Stone has arrived! #foamed

Yeah, we know, it's been a couple months......maybe more, since we promised to show you exactly how to do these brachial plexus blocks for distal forearm fractures.   If you don't remember us promising you that, then go back and watch the podcast on ultrasound guided radius fracture reduction.  And yes, obviously this is useful for [...]


 So, you probably know what nerve blocks are and you're excited about learning how to better take care of your patients with them.  You probably don't know what The Ultrasound Leadership Academy (ULA) is, though, because no one does.  It's brand spankin' new and you'll have to listen in to find out more.  If you [...]

Actually, there is some evidence regarding these ideas and adult learners, but we're really going to focus more on "how to".  We want to try to lead the way and show you how to do this as best we can in a podcast format. And just to be clear, we didn't invent this stuff.  We're [...]

Here's the thing, we think we can all do better when it comes to medical education.  We've sat through too many bad powerpoint presentations and watched too many professors bore audiences to sleep while teaching topics that could actually be life saving and super important!  And why exactly is the vast majority of our medical [...]


Thoracentesis Microcast! Alaskafest! Chinese language app?

We've been busy, and here's what's going on: First off, we had a request not that long ago for a quick tutorial on thoracentesis, so here it is.  We aim to please! Also, we're heading north....way north in a few months and we wanted to invite you along if you're interested.  It'll be fun. Lastly, if you [...]


You know we haven't had an MSK episode in a while, which is a shame really.  MSK ultrasound is really cool and we think grossly underutilized.  And of course when we talk about bone ultrasound we go straight to The Bone Boss, himself, Mark Goodman MD.  Mark is fellowship trained in both sports medicine and [...]

We're not talking about a pericardiocentesis here.  The belly's big, you're not scared, so why not just do it?  Well, it turns out that your patients have less complications when you go ahead and take a look.  So don't be "that guy" or "that girl".  Don't take a chance when it's your patient. As a [...]

OK, no funny, no cuteness, nothing.  Just straight echo guided procedural education.  We like to have fun and keep it light because we think that enhances your education and keeps you interested.  However, we're talking about pericardiocentesis here.  Is there any procedure more "puckering" than sticking a needle in the pericardium of a crashing patient. [...]