If you were at the castle last year for Castlefest you may or may not have recovered from this breathtaking debate. First off, who knew Weingart was a biter?!?!  I certainly never would have guessed Mike Stone was that accurate with throwing stars! Anyway, it was epic.  The most impressive thing, though, was the way [...]

Weingart Most Interesting

We only made it through the H in HIMAP, but that was by design.  You get SOOO much information from the heart part of the RUSH that is deserves its own podcast. The rest of the great RUSH talk that Dr. Weingart gave at Castlefest 2013 is here. If you want to come discuss and [...]


RUSH part 2 with Weingart will be released next week and there's more fluid responsiveness and other critical care ultrasound coming up.  This is just a quick break.  These podcasts have been so INTENSE that we know you need a break.  Consider this a "palette cleanser".  This will allow you to fully appreciate all the [...]

Castlefest 2014 and RUSH Podcast with Weingart.  Get your info and learning here! Well, you couldn't very well have a summer of the resuscitationist without including the master resuscitationist who actually coined the term resuscitationist (YES, we did it.....set the record for the most times using the word resuscitationist in a single sentence).  So here [...]

Everyone knows what the RUSH protocol is. What, you just emerged from your Soviet-era bunker and don't know?  Well, that's fine.  We'll be having Scott Weingart himself teaching it to you on the podcast in a couple weeks. For everyone else, though, like I said, you know the RUSH protocol.  It's an incredible tool for [...]

Yes, you probably guessed it from the opening sentence, this talk is by Cliff Reid……and off the charts. EFAST is probably a pretty standard scan that most of you listening to this already perform.  However, even if you’ve heard a thousand EFAST talks it’s worth listening to this one by Cliff Reid for comments like [...]

You heard us right, now you can get the Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound and take advantage of all its glorious interactivity on any computer or device with a web browser. It's on www.inkling.com, and you can get the whole thing or just chapters.  When we heard about the platform, inkling, we knew we had to convert [...]

It's that time again.  Time for some US-guided nerve blocks mainlined.  We know, three episodes in a row of nerve blocks, but here's the thing......this stuff is awesome!  We're not sure if you're trying this or not, but once you do, we swear, you'll love it.  You'll love it because your patients will love it. [...]

brachial plexus

Brachial Plexus Blocks with Stone has arrived! #foamed

Yeah, we know, it's been a couple months......maybe more, since we promised to show you exactly how to do these brachial plexus blocks for distal forearm fractures.   If you don't remember us promising you that, then go back and watch the podcast on ultrasound guided radius fracture reduction.  And yes, obviously this is useful for [...]


 So, you probably know what nerve blocks are and you're excited about learning how to better take care of your patients with them.  You probably don't know what The Ultrasound Leadership Academy (ULA) is, though, because no one does.  It's brand spankin' new and you'll have to listen in to find out more.  If you [...]