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Doppler physics.....kind of basic?  So doppler physics is not an easy topic, but it is a basic topic.  To fully grasp and really understand a lot of ultrasound topics, especially cardiac ultrasound, you really need to get this doppler stuff.  Continuing with our @bedsidesono theme, Mike Stone will be covering this basic physics talk. Also, [...]

Back to the basics

We're continuing the Back to the Basics Series with @bedsidesono explaining ultrasound artifacts like only he can.  Yes, 3 physics talks in a row, but again, we think this is important.  We're trying to roll them out one right after another so we can also keep giving you the juicy clinical stuff.  Patience grasshopper..... Also, [...]

Back to the basics

Intro to Physics podcast with @bedsidesono. #FOAMED

Yes, it's cool to talk about advanced ultrasound, echo, and all the things we discuss here.  It's absolutely necessary, though, to have a solid base to put all that fun learning on......and it all starts with physics. We know what you're thinking: "Please, not a physics lecture!"  Well we kind of agree, but this is [...]

Back to the basics

We're pretty proud of the super hard work we've put into making the Ultrasound Leadership Academy an educational experience that you'll have to see for yourself to believe.  Where else will you get your own ultrasound machine, a simulator, an iPad loaded with content, mobile content delivered and consumed at your own pace, and weekly meetings with the worlds greatest [...]

Ultrasound Podcast wishes you a Merry Christmas

It's the end of the year and we just wanted to say thank you for listening and share a couple quick stories with you that we received by email about ultrasound and #foamed making a real difference in people's lives. We also wanted to give you a Christmas gift from us. So we're making the [...]


Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know how to do the EFAST scan.  We know you know.  This is not that.  This is some next level stuff.  This is a large set of skills that may help you in certain circumstances.  This is not a new protocol, not a replacement for the EFAST, just more mad skillz. [...]


Pericardial Tamponade Part 2: Cases #foamed

It's time to practice what you learned last time.  We're gonna run you through some pericardial tamponade cases and test you.  Will you make the right decision?  Will your patient live...or die?  Let's use the the greatest simulator in the world, your brain, to prepare you for when this actually happens. Also, there's a new [...]

Pericardial Tamponade

Pericardial Tamponade. Learn this. Know this. #FOAMED

 Turns out that pericardial tamponade is bad.  Your patient dies if you don't diagnose and treat it.  The problem is, this is something you don't do very often, right?  So you HAVE to know this cold!  Study it, learn it, imagine doing it, and then be ready when it happens. Come learn at the Castle [...]


This is another concept that is being studied right now.......not proven yet.  But it's awesome!!  All the ease of finding the carotid, without all the fuss over angle of insonation. We've got Vicki Noble, the lung queen, and Dave Mckenzie, recent graduate of the ultrasound fellowship at Mass General talking about this technique. Also, as [...]

Well, what if you could just perform a carotid doppler instead?  Much easier window!  Our friends at the University of Arizona have been studying this, and there's already been some stuff published on this. So here it is:  How to and discussion.  Also a quick announcement about a trip to Sweden we'll be taking soon. This isn't [...]