We've been watching, and you all order a lot of CTs for PE.  If the patient needs a CTA fine......but maybe they don't need it as often as you think.  There may be a better way.  We've got some hot new evidence for you that could be huge for your patients who may have a [...]

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Last week, we released part 1 of the ACEP social media and medical education talk.  This, as you may have guessed from the title at the top, is part 2. Give us your feedback.  Email matt@ultrasoundpodcast.com.  We're giving this talk again at ACEP, and we want your feedback so it can be better. In this [...]

If you were at ACEP 2013 and you heard me (Matt) give this talk, then maybe you can skip this.  It’s not really an ultrasound talk after all.  This is about #FOAMED.  Social Media in Medical Education.  Mike and I both are big believers in FOAMED, Free Open Access Medical Education, and I was asked [...]


CastleFest 2014 Day 4 – Now LIVE


Day 2 – We’re LIVE

CastleFest 2014 – Day 1 – Session 2

We're back LIVE - http://youtu.be/_jebReQvDpQ




It's here!  Castlefest 2014 is this week!  We hope you're as excited as we are.  We're going to be covering a lot of cardiac ultrasound....pretty advanced cardiac ultrasound.  So we wanted to put out a quick podcast on some of the more basic, foundational studies of bedside cardiac US. This is short and sweet.  Very [...]


Yes, it's not basic like we've been doing recently, but we just can't help ourselves.  This is too cool not to bring to you now.  If you work in a setting where there is a high prevalence of HIV/TB or you ever plan on working there, then you NEED to listen to this and learn [...]

You're right, that was a lot of possible ultrasound mistakes the Canadians laid on us last time.  They're not done, though.  There's more.  Listen to find out.  We would tell you more about it, but we don't want to ruin the surprise...... Also, if you haven't heard, we're teaching at a pretty sweet conference in [...]