Day 2 – We’re LIVE

CastleFest 2014 – Day 1 – Session 2

We're back LIVE -




It's here!  Castlefest 2014 is this week!  We hope you're as excited as we are.  We're going to be covering a lot of cardiac ultrasound....pretty advanced cardiac ultrasound.  So we wanted to put out a quick podcast on some of the more basic, foundational studies of bedside cardiac US. This is short and sweet.  Very [...]


Yes, it's not basic like we've been doing recently, but we just can't help ourselves.  This is too cool not to bring to you now.  If you work in a setting where there is a high prevalence of HIV/TB or you ever plan on working there, then you NEED to listen to this and learn [...]

You're right, that was a lot of possible ultrasound mistakes the Canadians laid on us last time.  They're not done, though.  There's more.  Listen to find out.  We would tell you more about it, but we don't want to ruin the surprise...... Also, if you haven't heard, we're teaching at a pretty sweet conference in [...]

Back to the basics

Are you sitting down?  If not, then go ahead....have a seat.  We've got news. do we say this......ultrasounding the patient may not be the right thing to do.  Now, we've yet to find that particular situation, but the Canadian guys tell us this is the case.  In fact, there's a whole list of problems [...]

AEUS Basics

If you hadn't heard, the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound has an incredible set of videos on Vimeo.  GO THERE NOW! There are both basic and advanced videos there.  Because we're still in the "Back to the Basics" series here on the podcast, we've loaded up several of our favorite basic ones for you here.  These [...]

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The moment you've been waiting for is here......Tissue Harmonic Imaging!  That's right.  We heard you.  The 100 emails per day we receive begging us to cover this hot topic have become too much for us to ignore. So we got our physics dude, Mike Stone, to tackle this hot topic.  It's tissue, it's harmonics, and [...]

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Doppler physics.....kind of basic?  So doppler physics is not an easy topic, but it is a basic topic.  To fully grasp and really understand a lot of ultrasound topics, especially cardiac ultrasound, you really need to get this doppler stuff.  Continuing with our @bedsidesono theme, Mike Stone will be covering this basic physics talk. Also, [...]