Stone’s Side 1 – Mike Blaivas

Lucky to have Mike Blaivas as the inaugural guest on Stone's Side.


Episode 30 – Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks Part 2

GET READY for... ...The BIGGEST announcement EVER on the Ultrasound Podcast. If you get all warm inside when listening to Mike and Matt make fools of themselves on international sonovison, but you wish there was more...well now there IS more. What am I talking about? Tune in and turn up for this special edition of Ultrasound Podcast. We'll blow [...]


Episode 29 – Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks Part 1

Well this isn't the first podcast we've done on US guided blocks, but it's the first ever nerve block podcast in the history of mankind to feature so much Mikeness.  We promised you big Mikes this month, and now we're gonna deliver. Mike Stone, "The Block Boss" joins us in this episode to chat about [...]


Mike Month

That's right.  We're doing it, Mike Month.  Now I know what you're thinking:  "Mike's about time!  That's going to be awesome!!"  And if you're not thinking that, then you're wrong, because it is going to be awesome.  For an explanation watch the attached video.  It's just 1 minute, so it's not really that much [...]


Episode 28 – Echo, echo, echo

So fine, at the risk of feeding the bears, we're gonna give you some more.  There may or may not be such exciting topics at papillary rupture, aortic stenosis, and a new game called "Name that Mustache".  Hope you enjoy!


SAEM: IEME Spotlight Session

Mike and Matt are presenting different presentations, both in the IEME Spotlight Session in the Erie Room on level 2 from 1200-1pm.  Come and say hi to us!  Anyone who starts a "slow clap" at the end will get a sweet Ultrasound Podcast piece of swag.


SAEM 2012

They will be documenting the whole experience in classic ultrasound podcast style with GoPro helmet cams and all the trappings.  Come be a part of the action and root for your favorite residency or tune in later when they publish the final mockumentary of the entire event.  The event will be in Sheraton 4.  

renal USS

Episode 27 – Renal Ultrasound

...about posting these lectures from Castlefest, but they're WAY too good not to. We feel guilty because it saves us hours and hours of editing and creating new videos and such.  But we've been getting some requests for more basic topics, and it doesn't get much more basic than this:  Renal Ultrasound. So it's not [...]


Episode 26 – Ocular Ultrasound with Chris Fox

So we just finished maybe the most amazing week of our lives (besides our wedding and babies' birth - We love you wives if you're reading this!)  Castlefest is over, and we've got some special Castlefest footage for you.  Chris Fox is coming into your earbuds this month to teach you about Ocular ultrasound.  And [...]

CastleFest Update

So if you caught the live CastleFest stream yesterday then you know all of the good things going on at CastleFest 2012.  If you didn't, shame on you.  Don't fret, as you're in luck.  Today we'll be bringing Vicki Noble, MD your way.  She'll be presenting as early as 8:15 EST this morning.  Don't miss [...]