App Fix Update

We've noticed (and some of you as well) that many times the app must be refreshed before it's first use.  This doesn't cause any issues other than being annoying.  After you refresh the first time, you'll never have to worry about it again.  An update has been submitted to Apple for version 1.1 release that [...]


Special App Announcement

One-Minute Ultrasound App is now Free!  We found out it was going to be much harder than expected to have both the free and paid versions of the app in the app store at the same time.  And since our main goal is to get this in your hands ASAP, we're switching the paid app to free.  All we [...]


Episode 25 – EPSS + App Release

One's a cool, quick way to measure LVEF, and the other's the answer to all your ultrasound hopes, dreams, and aspirations!  The wait is over! So not long ago we got a suggestion from Scott Weingart:  "Maybe EPSS would be a cool episode." Well, our mothers both taught us that "When The Scott says it.....it's true". So we made it, [...]


One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App

Is the Ultrasound Podcast really coming out with an App? Well, I probably wouldn't be typing this if it wasn't. "One Minute Ultrasound". The premise is:  We've all been to a course or two now, right?  You've seen a lecture on how to do these things.  But right before you go in a room to [...]


Episode 24 – Femoral Nerve

A lion that needs a femoral nerve block.  How can you do it easily?  Ultrasound of course!  Watch this latest episode and be one of the cool kids.  Knock that femoral nerve block out like a pro.  Every time.

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 10.57.23 PM

Episode 23 – Fluid Responsiveness Part 2

OK. So it's time to bring home the fluid responsiveness. There's no way we could punish you with more than 30 minutes of this, so we broke it up (...and named the episodes Part I and Part II). In this episode we give some more examples and talk about some algorithms you can actually use in your practice. [...]

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Episode 22 – Fluid Responsiveness

So you want to know if you're patient's going to be fluid responsive but you don't have the fancy machine that Drs. Weingart and Marik recently talked about on EmCrit. So what should you do?  You could stand at the bedside and wait for your hospital to purchase said device, but that may not be [...]

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Weingart & Fluid Responsiveness

February is Fluid Responsiveness Month on The Ultrasound Podcast and we've got a little preview for you here. This is actually snippets from a conversation we had with Scott Weingart several months ago talking about several things including fluid responsiveness, cardiac output, testicles, PE, and more.  Enjoy!! Additional resources: Fluid Responsiveness Podcast Part 1 is now online   


Episode 21 – Full Peritonsillar Abscess Podcast

The one and only Rob Orman on the podcast talking about Peritonsillar abscess. If you've never heard of him get your head out of wherever it is and go listen to some more of him on ERCAST.  Warning:  You may see people doing things with probes that will make you lose all respect for them [...]

Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 10.42.08 AM

Some of you may have heard an EMRAP recently (not really recently - maybe 6 months ago) with Rob Orman talking to an ENT doc, Dr. Shiley, about peritonsillar abscess.  However, there was NO mention in the podcast of ultrasound, which is a huge part of our workup and treatment.  So Mike and I have [...]