Sonogames!… and an iText?

The Olympics are here!  The only ultrasounding....yet. If this video makes it to the IOC we're pretty sure they'll pick up the SAEM Sonogames idea and it'll be an event in no time.  This video is actually just a preview of the Sonogames action to come.  Look for it during the Olympic games over [...]


Episode 32 – Lung Ultrasound with Vicki Noble Part 2

Ultrasound is BETTER than chest X-ray for pneumonia!!  I'm not sure if we've said the last day or so.  You've seen the studies, though, and now it's time to get down to business!  In this episode Vicki Noble teaches us the super cool techniques of ultrasounding for pneumonia, ARDS, and more.  We don't waste [...]


IV Opportunity

An opportunity to opportunity to teach.  Come join us.

We got off to a tough start after a heated NFC East debate (don't worry, I wouldn't make you listen to that), but had a chance to hear about his experience at UMDNJ, some details about the upcoming AIUM/ACEP course in Las Vegas next month


Episode 31 – Lung Ultrasound with Vicki Noble Part 1

"What's here?" you ask. Well, Vicki and lung ultrasound is here, but that's not all.  We have a special announcement to make regarding a new project.  We noticed a problem and have tried to create a solution over the last couple of months.  Our attempt at this solution can be found at and we tell you [...]


Lung Month! Pneumonia, ARDS, pneumothorax, and more…

We can't ignore the pleas any more.  We've gotten too many emails about ultrasound for pneumothorax and pneumonia, and we give. Instead of torturing you with our voices, however, we've got the "Lung Queen", Vicki Noble on to teach us these practice-changing skills. We hope you're as pumped as we are!!

Can ER nurses place ultrasound-guided peripheral IV’s?

In November 2011, Geoff Hayden (of Emergency Ultrasonography fame) sparked a dialogue with Ben Smith and me about de-identifying ultrasound clips. this led to a lot of hard work on Ben’s part and it really paid off. Ben’s come up with a great resource for those of us who use ultrasound video clips for education and want [...]

Here’s a list of some of the best free ultrasound education available online

eiffel tour

The New Ultrasound Podcast

Yeah, we know, not that different.  Really the only thing different is "Stone's Side" you see over there.  We're super stoked to have Mike Stone joining us on the website to add his incredible experience, knowledge, and insights.  We promised you some new awesome material coming your way from Stone and here it is.  Have [...]