CaboFest 2017

January 11-13, 2017
Teaching Course, ResusFest, and Ultrasound all three together at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort in Cabo.

CastleFest 2017

April 10-14, 2017
Visit a historic Kentucky castle and learn ultrasound from an amazing list of educators.

Also featuring ResusFest this year!  Check out CastleFest2017.com for more information.

Yellowstone Ultrasound

May 28-June 1, 2017
A collaboration with Yellowstone Airway with some killer education in the shadows of the Tetons.

Unable to attend any of these phenomenal events?

If you find yourself strapped for time and unable to attend any of these live events, maybe Ultrasound Course in a Box is exactly what you're looking for. This advanced learning platform allows us to come to you.

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