Ultrasound guided CPR Part 1.  How we’re doing it wrong.  #foamed

Pump theory

So listen up people!  You’re doing cardiac arrest resuscitation all wrong!  What’s wrong with you?!?!  Ok, that’s a little harsh.  We’re not really saying that at all.  We just think, based on recent evidence and new technology, that it could be done a little better and we’re gonna explain what we mean.  Accept our humble apologies for the rude beginning. … Read More


Quit Mainstemming kids 30% of the time!  #foamed Airway Ultrasound with @pempocus.

We know you’re awesome and you never mainstem intubate children or adults.  Of course, the literature says even the best peds EM trained docs mainstem about 30% of the time, but you’re best of the best.  However, if others are doing this, you should at least watch this so you can “help them”……right? Enjoy….. Follow us:  @ultrasoundpod Learn with us: … Read More


Appendicitis Remix: Part 1.  #foamed. Ultrasound in a spa & on a cruise!


I’m sure you don’t remember, but our first episode ever was on ultrasound for appendicitis.  But that was a long time ago…..like 3 years.  So it’s time to revisit.  There’s new data, and there’s room for improvement.  In this episode we do something a little different than normal.  Instead of giving you a “great save” story, we’re gonna talk about … Read More


Lung Ultrasound Journal Club part 2 with @nobleultrasound, @aliteplo, @poppaspearls, and author Christian Laursen.  #foamed


We know it’s been an agonizing several days waiting for part 2, but the wait is over!  The conclusion to the longest journal club ever is here.  You thought we couldn’t drag it out any more didn’t you! Yes, these are a bit longer than the normal 20 minute podcasts, but it’s worth it.  We’ve got some really smart people … Read More


Lung US Journal Club Part 1 with @nobleultrasound and @aliteplo.  #foamed.  Lancet article discussed with first author, Christian Laursen. 

Point-of-care ultrasonography in patients admitted with respiratory symptoms: a single-blind, randomized controlled trial. The title is a mouth full and when you read it it’s definitely a brain full.  This is an incredible study with some incredible results.  If you just read the abstract you see that the correct diagnosis is made 88% of the time within 4 hours with … Read More