Dr. Mike Mallin, MD, RDCS, RDMS, ASCeXAM is the Director of Emergency Ultrasound and the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship at the University of Utah. Dr Mallin is particularly interested in echocardiography and has sat for and passed the Echo Boards (hence the ASCeXAM…ABCDEFGHI……. bla bla bla at the end of his name). He is published in multiple journals that can be found in your trash can.

Non-Ultrasound info:

Mike is from South Carolina where he spent his entire life until moving to Utah in 2007 with his wife, Brittany. The happy couple have a young daughter who has been reading FAST exams and performing ultrasound QA for Mike since she was 3 weeks old. Although she couldn’t talk at first, she hand signed her interpretation with speed and accuracy.


  • Mile: 4:13
  • 800m: 2:12
  • 400m: 54s
  • 200m: 23s
  • FAST: 17s
  • US Guided Cric: 14s
  • Full Cardiac Echo: -3s