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Cardiac Valves FOAMED

 What?!?!  Why is there a company mentioned in this episode!?!?  Have Mike and Matt sold out?  No, we take nothing from GE or any other company, but we're excited about this new machine, and while we hesitated at first, we realized that this is important to our listeners and we decided to talk about it. [...]

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It's here!  Castlefest 2014 is this week!  We hope you're as excited as we are.  We're going to be covering a lot of cardiac ultrasound....pretty advanced cardiac ultrasound.  So we wanted to put out a quick podcast on some of the more basic, foundational studies of bedside cardiac US. This is short and sweet.  Very [...]

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Episode 39 – More Airway and Cardiac Ultrasound!

Pour yourself a cup of eggnog, cuddle up next to the fire, and get ready for story time. We've got a couple stories from the community of someone actually performing an US guided cricothyrotomy, and also a couple of cases of cardiac disease with accompanying echoes and education. Oh yeah, remember to follow us @ultrasoundpod, [...]

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Cardiac Valves with Rob Arntfield

OK, lots of stuff packed into this episode.  A couple quick updates.  First off, if you want to learn ultrasound with us in September in Brazil, then go to and register for this amazing course. As for Castlefest, we didn't tell you yet who was going to be there, but it's all set now. [...]

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Doppler physics.....kind of basic?  So doppler physics is not an easy topic, but it is a basic topic.  To fully grasp and really understand a lot of ultrasound topics, especially cardiac ultrasound, you really need to get this doppler stuff.  Continuing with our @bedsidesono theme, Mike Stone will be covering this basic physics talk. Also, [...]

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St. Lucia Fest

Look out, Ultrasound Podcast readers.  We've got a new event on the horizon.  St. Lucia Fest.  There are only 6 spots available for this extremely limited conference.  As always, we focus mainly on the hands-on approach to capture the ultrasound experience. You get all the lecture material ahead of time in very easy to consume [...]

Episode 39 – Now with Closed Captioning

Cardiac and airway from last week transcribed! Now you can experience this episode in even more ways: Watch, listen, read, taste (well, not yet...working on that). (Just hit the little CC in the lower right)

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Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 1 Book Update

The numbering issue for the referenced images after chapter 5 has also been corrected as well.  The book is also now available in 50 countries! If you already have the iBook then just go to the ibook store and click on "update" when you pull up the ibook. Enjoy! p.s. - We've got some cardiac [...]

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Episode 28 – Echo, echo, echo

So fine, at the risk of feeding the bears, we're gonna give you some more.  There may or may not be such exciting topics at papillary rupture, aortic stenosis, and a new game called "Name that Mustache".  Hope you enjoy!

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Episode 22 – Fluid Responsiveness

So you want to know if you're patient's going to be fluid responsive but you don't have the fancy machine that Drs. Weingart and Marik recently talked about on EmCrit. So what should you do?  You could stand at the bedside and wait for your hospital to purchase said device, but that may not be [...]

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