Airway Ultrasound and why you should quit ultrasounding everyone……wait, what?!?  #FOAMED

Airway Ultrasound and why you should quit ultrasounding everyone......wait, what?!?  #FOAMED
Airway Ultrasound???  Stop ultrasounding people?  What the?!?!
Honestly, I think you’re just going to have to watch the episode to understand.
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  2. Peter Weimersheimer : July 16, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Crotchety Vermonter Mini Rant.

    First, should a thoracic ultrasound always be performed. No. If a test is not going to change clinical management or another test has already been done (CXR or CT) which has already answered the question, don’t do the test. Although, doing an “educational study” on patients who already have had a positive CXT or CT is crucial to become skilled at this application. Buuuuuttttt…since the sensitivity of thoracic POCUS is significantly better than CXR for pulm processes when compared to CT, why chose the less sensitive test. All EPs should review their own films (esp in a shop like hours where the prelim read is often from a resident). In the time it takes for an EP to open PACS, pull up CXR images and review them, the same EP could have performed a study at the beside with a better chance of correctly answering the clinical question …and had the added bonuses of a better patient interaction, having fun doing POCUS etc.

    Second, POCUS at the bedside to check newbies at putting in at tube? Sure, I guess. It seems way more important to teach how to get the ETT in the right hole versus telling someone when they didn’t. I’d rather coach the trainee w VL or good ol fashioned look over their shoulder w DL on anatomy, extinguishing the stress response (eps when I’m peering over their shoulder), using their eyeballs to take that mental picture of getting a tube through cords , and to NOT accept tubing the goose. Better than another indirect surrogate for seeing latex through cords.

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