Trouble with rib fractures? Learn chest wall blocks (serratus!) with @highland herring. #FOAMed

Rib fractures, axillary abscesses, and chest tubes are pathologies that are traditionally pretty difficult to provide adequate pain control. You cooouuulllldddd just give them so much narcotics they stop breathing, or you can knock out the pain at the source. This week learn from Andrew Herring how to perform serratus, erector spinae and Pecs1 blocks and provide your patients with much needed analgesia.


  1. Guy´s, just had an amazing moment in my shift. I listend to your podcasts and was impressed since the “rip fracture” episode I wanted to try those “new” blogs out. I just had a guy after a bike crash with serial Rip fractures, at least II-IV dorsal and anterior. The guy was screaming in Pain. I did the errector spinae block with 40ml 0,2% ropivacain. There was an imidiate Pain Relieve, it was awesome. The guy is really happy, I am happy, nursing stuff is happy.
    Just wanted to tell you that great effect of your work!

    Thanks a lot!
    Greez from Austria!
    Sorry for my bad english – its 0:43

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