@broomedocs gives us his top 10 list of rocking the US, saving lives, and taking names.

Ever wondered how to truly become an ultrasound ninja?  Oh…..no?  Just us?  Well, you should dream about this.  It saves lives, yo!
So in this episode we discuss with Casey Parker how to learn ultrasound as a beginner or how to really take your skills to the next level.  This is TOTALLY a must listen.  Enjoy!


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  3. Brilliant! Thanks for posting this for all of us more novice aficionados, I started learning in a very remote environment that fortunately had CT and regular hour ultrasound w/o in house radiologists. On some (ok most) occasions when I wasn’t exactly sure what I was seeing I’d do 4 things:

    1) save images and review with our most excellent US tech during daylight hours
    2) If I was getting a CT for whatever reason and they had + ct findings I’d go back and scan the affected areas (often a PNA, stone, appy, dilated CBD)
    3) I would almost always watch a 1 Minute Ultrasound or 5 minute Sono time permitting right before the scan to remind myself of the important stuff (like why Matt has those fancy Italian designer shirts/pants on for his GB video)
    4) Pull a “weimersheimer”: and go body surfing with the probe- which you all hammered home nicely, sometimes if you can get rid of the tunnel vision you are but a few centimeters from the money shot.



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