Transvenous pacer placement with @edecmo via @criticalcarenow from Resusfest.  #FOAMED

You need to know this skill…..and you need to learn it from Joe Bellezo!  It’s gonna save your patients life, and Joe is the man to teach you.  This was from Resusfest last year, but it’s just too good to keep confined to the walls of the castle.  If you want to come hang with us in the castle next year then register for CastlefestResusfest, or both.  If not, that’s cool……enjoy the free education anyway.
We’ll see you back on the 2017 flip side with some hot new ultrasound education.  Happy New Year!
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  2. 1. Everyone who wants to inflict a transcutaneous pacer on their patient should simultaneously put one on themselves and dial up the joules on both.
    2. Left subclavian is GREAT access for transvenous. If pacer inserted with its curve aiming caudate, it floats right into the RV……a chip shot.

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