How to run a better code with @edecmo & @criticalcarenow.  #FOAMED.  #Haneyissosneaky!

How to run a better code with @edecmo & @criticalcarenow.  #FOAMED.  #Haneyissosneaky!
Well, we’ve learned our lesson about locking our door when Haney is town.  Apparently he’s broken into our home/studio and recorded this podcast on running a better code.  There’s literally NOTHING in this video about ultrasound……but we’re letting it slide.  It’s an incredible talk by Zach Shinar from Resusfest last year, and it may just save some lives if you listen to it and put it into practice.
Stay tuned for some new awesome ultrasound stuff coming up in the near future.  In the meantime, go to to register for Castlefest or Resusfest.
Oh, yeah, we almost forgot to mention Sonoscandinavia!  We’re having an incredible course in Norway in February this year.  If interested, go to and register.

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  1. f***#ing Genius

  2. Do you guys have a Patreon page or some other way to receive donations? I’d like to chip in, if it’s possible.

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