Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re thankful for a lot of things this year.  One of those things is all the incredible people out there doing incredible things when it comes to ultrasound education.  Not that long ago a group of students got together and put on a 3 day workshop for 139 other students with the help of incredible teachers like Christopher Muhr and Victoria Stephen.  The organizers are a group of 40 students led by Simon Orlob and David Purkarthorfer.
So, we wanted to help spread the word and share a video from the course.  Go to graz.sono4you.at to find out more.  Or go to the bottom of this for more info.
This was the keynote of our 3rd Summer School for Ultrasound.
With this type of one central lecture we are trying to show our participants the usefulness of bedside ultrasound.

The Summer School is a three and a half day long ultrasound course for undergraduate students, teaching ultrasound in a clinical context, from first contact with the method to actual bedside application on the last day of the course. While all lectures are given by experienced physicians the workshops are held by student peer-teachers.

While we can just provide 60 spots for students in Graz itself we were able to offer 79 students abroad a spot as well. Therefore all lectures were livestreamed with the option to interact with the speakers. At six other universities these lectures from Graz were screened while the hands-on sessions were organised locally. Even a group from Brazil participated in this course.

You can find background informations here: http://graz.sono4you.at/summer-school/hintergrund
There you can also find an instruction on how to participate in this course as a foreign student.
We would be more than happy to have more interaction with soon-enthusiastic students from all over the world. Please spread the word!

Regarding our group named “Sono4You Graz”.
We are a group of 40 students at the moment, offering other students an introduction into sonography in extracurricular peer-teaching courses. We do this in our spare time and nobody is getting paid for it.

These courses distinguish themselves by the following features:
• high practical component
• learning in a collegial atmosphere
• ratio of participants to instructors of 5:2
• balanced use of various medias, teaching aids and didactic methods


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