Pregnancy ultrasound with the linear probe……WHAT?!?  Calm down and just listen.  #FOAMED

Pregnancy ultrasound with the linear probe......WHAT?!?  Calm down and just listen.  #FOAMED
Oh, so close!  You see what looks like a gestational sac, and you feel like you can kind of imagine a yolk sac, but you just can’t make out that yolk sac. So, I guess it’s time for a transvaginal ultrasound, right?  Wrong!  Well, maybe.  You’ll probably need a transvaginal ultrasound, but not in everyone.  Before you pull that trigger, take a look transabdominally with the linear probe and you can avoid the transvaginal ultrasound in about 1/3rd of those cases. Watch here to find out how.
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  1. Can you post the link to the discussed study? I was also hoping for a brief mention/discussion of the “risk” of these ultrasounds with concern for increasing temperature of the fetus during exam. I would guess that using non-“OB” mode and certainly a higher frequency probe would increase these risks. I personally feel these risks are probably not significant, but an argument could be made that patient discomfort with endocavitary probe is less important than possible risk to a developing fetus. Especially if you will be in the region during your pelvic exam.

    Thanks for reading, love your program!

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