Gastric Ultrasound to prevent aspiration prior to intubation…Super Cool!  Why and how!  #FOAMED


Thanks to Scott Weingart we recently discovered a really cool website at  So, naturally we wanted to interview the creators of the website, figure out if this is something useful to us…….and then make fools of ourselves by eating and drinking lots of random things and looking at it on ultrasound.
Luckily for you……we recorded it.


  1. Mike and Matt, thanks for the great topic.

    There is limited data in the EM lit on this but Jacoby and Mike Heller took a crack at it back in 2003: AM J Emerg Med 2003 21:216-219 and concluded “bedside ultrasound is only of limited value in determining prandial states in the ED setting.”

    Myself and a colleague (Dr. Peder Lindberg) took a stab at this as well. Our UNPUBLISHED study showed that ED docs Gastric ultrasound was more accurate than history in predicting a full versus empty stomach. Our Abstract was presented at ACEP in 2011 but then got busy and I dropped the ball (literally- had a kid) and haven’t published compounded by the fact our methodology is confusing to editors and that the ACEP 2014 clinical policy Level B recommendation to not delay procedural sedation based on fasting time.

    So all that work, nothing published…makes me sick to my stomach.

    Lutheran General Park Ridge Illinois


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