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State of the Evidence Cardiac Arrest Echo.  REASON trial with Romolo Gaspari. #FOAMED

So, your patients dead.  You’d like to bring them back to life…but they’ve got standstill on echo.  Drop the probe and walk away, right?  Not so fast!  We’ve got some new evidence to discuss.
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  1. This study is wonderful and well needed in the resuscitation community. However, I think the results are somewhat limited by the fact that we don’t have the neurological outcomes on these patients. As Mike and Matt pointed out, if the five survivors were not neurologically intact, then we should not count these as successful resuscitations. From prior studies on resuscitation and the factors influencing neurological outcomes, I would suspect most of these five patient had poor neurologic outcomes.

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  5. Hi
    This is really a great trial and I enjoyed the podcast. I want to go through the original paper but
    I’m having difficulty finding this trial anywhere. Where was it published?

    The links above do not have the full paper.

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