Right Heart Finale and Last Castlefest Ever!  www.castlefest2016.com #FOAMED

The Summer of Failure is over!  This is it.  If you’re tired of the right heart, no worries.   We’ve got fresh, non-cardiac content coming your way soon.  But if you LOVE echo like we do, then you’re in luck.  One last right heart episode with our favorite cardiologist, John Ryan.

Also, you read the title right.  This is going to be the last Castlefest ever.  It was an incredibly tough decision, but we think it’s time to move on.  We never want to do the same thing for too long.  We like doing new things.  We’ll continue to teach courses…….who knows where, but this will be the last time at the Castle.  If you’ve always wanted to go, then this is your last chance.  If you’ve been and you want to experience it one more time, you better hurry.  One last Blowout!  Hope to see you there.


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