Ultrasound for late pregnancy with @broomedocs…..bonus ultrasound onesies.  #FOAMED.

Ultrasound for late pregnancy with @broomedocs.....bonus ultrasound onesies.  #FOAMED.

Yes, we’ve neglected late pregnancy ultrasound.  Yes, Casey Parker is an extremely sexy man that we should have on the podcast.  Lucky for you, we’re taking care of both of those grievances at once TODAY!

If you were at SMACC (in Dublin next year!) and saw the brilliant “Imagine” ending to Sonowars then you know who Casey is.  If not, go check out the Broomedocs blog for some awesome content from Dr. Parker.  More on the “Imagine” thing next episode when we interview Casey about this stuff.  For now, enjoy the #FOAMED.
Oh yeah, if you haven’t signed up for Castlefest, it’s about half full.  You better quit procrastinating or you’ll get screwed like you did last year when you waited too late.  Hope to see you there!

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