The Summer of Failure featuring @criticalcarenow.  Get the Right Heart Right! #FOAMED #GangnamStyle

Why don’t the right heart get no respect?!?!

We think it should, and so does our good buddy and brilliant critical care doctor, Haney Mallemat.  This is maybe the best right heart talk you’ll ever hear.  No…..wait…..this IS the best right heart talk you’ll ever hear!  If you know Haney, you know he’s the man.  Now hear him tell you why you should care about the right heart, and how to care for the right heart.  Your mind ready to be blown???

Stay tuned for an interview with him about this exact stuff very soon.


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  1. Tim

    Fantastic lecture.!! looking forward to learning how to use this info. Thanks Haney, M&M.

  2. Hans

    Fantastic lecture Dr. Mallemat!

    I was wondering:
    May I use PW doppler in order to measure the tricuspid regurgitation if my ultrasound machine doesn’t have continous doppler? Or It always give wrong numbers because of the aliasing?

    See you in Conceptos2015 – Santiago de Chile!

  3. Edvard - Le Gazier

    Awesome podcast !! As an anesthesiologist and Cardiac ICU doctor, I know that the RV is the heart of hemodynamics. It is often neglected by our fellow cardiologist, sadly.
    You did a great job on summarizing how to evaluate the RV , very interactive and spot-on! Looking forward to listening to the next podcasts on summer of failure!

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