DVT Ultrasound demonstration with @bedsidesono.  The whole upper leg approach.  #FOAMED

DVT Ultrasound demonstration with @bedsidesono.  The whole upper leg approach.  #FOAMED
OK, 2 points not quite good enough.  How much better is the whole upper let approach?  Not sure.  But it’s probably better.  So, here’s how to do it.  We’re gonna discuss a little more, then we’ll actually do this thing.
@ultrasoundmd, Jacob Avila, was kind of enough to loan us his leg so we can demonstrate.  We use some really sweet technology, the Epiphan DVI video grabber, which we’re now using with the Ultrasound Leadership Academy to demonstrate remotely.  I’m in a hotel in West Virginia with Jacob (don’t ask), and Stone is in Boston.  We think it’s a sweet setup that allows us pretty cool remote education capabilities.

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  1. Mike or Matt, how does your emergency department incorporate the use of D dimer with 2 point compression….? Negative 2 point and negative d dimer are they done? If positive d dimer and negative 2 point compression do you have 1 week follow up with comprehensive whole leg exam without any anticoagulation during the interval? Do you not use D dimer at all? Thank you for all you do, you allow for easy integration of POCUS into our community practices.

  2. The physiology with the breath hold and pulse wave is really great to see.

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