TAP Block with @bedsidesono.  Also….AtlantisCME with @emcrit, @criticalcarenow, @EMswami, @emergencypdx, Sloas & others

You’re just now coming down from your nerve block high off of SCP and Tibial block goodness, but we’ve got another for you!  It’s a block that isn’t super common, but it’s got some really nice potential in the right patient.

Obviously we’ve got the nerve block man, Mike Stone, on to talk about this one.  Who else would, right?!?  At the end stay tuned to hear a special announcement about an incredible course with Scott Weingart, Haney Mallemat, Rich Levitan, Andy Sloas, Anand Swaminathan, and Rob Orman.
And see you next time when we talk about DVT ultrasound and whether what we’ve been teaching for several years is total crap……

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  1. I would certainly appreciate a demonstration of facsia iliaca block, to date youtube videos don’t cut it.

    Thanks and keep up the great work

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