The Future of Ultrasound from SMACC 2014.  #FOAMED

The Future of Ultrasound from SMACC 2014.  #FOAMED

Another re-run?!?  Well, probably not.

Unless you were at SMACC last year in Australia, then you haven’t heard this.  Hot, new stuff from Mike on the future of ultrasound.  In this talk he talks about some advanced echo stuff that right now only the Top Guns are doing, but we all may be doing this in the future.  Also, some clinical integration pearls on how we really use ultrasound at the bedside.
Just as a disclaimer, there’s not a lot of actual technique/logistics teaching in this one, but we’re gonna make up for that.  Next podcast coming up is all about logistics.  We’ve got Mike Stone talking about the superficial cervical plexus block, which is a SUPER useful block that is way underutilized.  You won’t want to miss that.  In the meantime…..

In this episode

2:05 – The sexiness of ultrasound
2:59 – Case
5:55 – Aortic stenosis?
6:40 – Manure truck incident
8:28 – TEE
9:09 – Case 3
9:52- Passive leg raise
10:18 – Case 4
11:02 – Appendicitis?
12:10 – Keep it simple
12:57 – Case 5
18:41 – Wrap up

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