Pregnancy Anatomy

Pregnancy Ultrasound part 1. #foamed Back to back to basics….and Cabo update

You probably remember us starting a “back to the basics” series about 9 months ago.  We did pretty good for 5-6 episodes…..but then our attention span got the best of us and we started doing crazy advanced stuff again.  Sorry.

So, we wanted to get back to some basics and cover some super fundamental topics that we’ve never talked about here on the podcast.  One of those:  1st trimester pregnancy.  We have a trio of episodes coming at you, starting with the basics and then ending with some advanced, more controversial stuff.
Also, as you’ll see here in the episode, the Cabo Course, just got WAY better. We’re now going to be teaching hands on ultrasound and there will be hands on airway teaching with Levitan, Weingart, Sloas, and Rob Orman. It’s gonna be awesome.  Check it out at
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