Lung US Journal Club Part 1 with @nobleultrasound and @aliteplo.  #foamed.  Lancet article discussed with first author, Christian Laursen. 

The title is a mouth full and when you read it it’s definitely a brain full.  This is an incredible study with some incredible results.  If you just read the abstract you see that the correct diagnosis is made 88% of the time within 4 hours with ultrasound used and only 63% without ultrasound.  BIG WIN!
However, when you read the paper, you notice some very head-scratching things.  There may be trends towards more diagnostic testing, more treatment, and possibly increased mortality and morbidity when ultrasound is used.  So a lot of people have talked about this and wondered if it was real.
Well, we wanted to dive even deeper and talk with the author of the paper.  Let’s dissect the paper and discuss what wasn’t in it.  What are we missing?
Luckily, Vicki Noble and Andrew Liteplo have helped us out.  Here is the fruit of our labor……actually the first part of the fruit of our labor.  We’ll harvest the rest of the fruit for you in just a few days.  Patience…..
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