Lung Ultrasound Journal Club part 2 with @nobleultrasound, @aliteplo, @poppaspearls, and author Christian Laursen.  #foamed

We know it’s been an agonizing several days waiting for part 2, but the wait is over!  The conclusion to the longest journal club ever is here.  You thought we couldn’t drag it out any more didn’t you!
Yes, these are a bit longer than the normal 20 minute podcasts, but it’s worth it.  We’ve got some really smart people here, and we think you should hear what they have to say.
If you missed the first episode, STOP what you’re doing.  Check out Lung Ultrasound Journal Club Part 1 here.  And if you’re totally lost, we’re talking about this article:
Coming up next, we’re getting in the way back machine and going back to the first podcast we ever did, appendicitis.  A lot has changed in the 3+ years (wow, we’ve been doing this for 3+ years!) since we did that first podcast.  Plus, we’ve met lots of people much smarter than us to talk about and demonstrate how to do it.  So we’re taking advantage.  Chris Muhr, Jesper Danielson, and Martin Bergman, the Super Swedes from……..well, Sweden, will be joining us.  See you then!
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