Appendicitis ultrasound part 2 with @mud5hark & @chrismuhr

In the last podcast we went over some literature and had a jolly ole time discussing appendicitis ultrasound in general.  Doesn’t do you much good, though, if you we don’t show you how, right?  So, let’s remedy that.
In this episode we’ll show you how we do it, and then we’ll get a true expert to demonstrate.  We’ve done a lot of these, but not nearly as many as Jesper Danielson.  We met Jesper at Sonosweden last year, and we were blown away by his bowel ultrasound skills.  So we’ve convinced him to share those skills with you.  You’re welcome.
Speaking of Sonosweden, remember, we’re all doing it (and by “it” we mean learning ultrasound in a Japanese Spa) again.  And if you want to join us in Norway right afterwards for a cruise up the Norwegian coastline under the Northern Lights to learn some advance ultrasound, we’ll be there as well.
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