Transesophageal Echocardiography Part 2

TEE part 2 with @arntfield. #foamed. Also, EDECMO lab by @drbellezzo, @zackshiner, and @emcrit at

OK, so here it is.

Rob’s gonna show us exactly how to do this.  How to take those 800 normal Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) views and distill it down into a few key views.  We know you aren’t doing this yet, but we think it’s coming.  Just a matter of time.  Get ahead of the curve.
And yes, you read the title right.  The EDECMO folks, Shiner, Bellezzo, and Weingart will be teaching an ECMO lab at Castlefest.  Sure, it’s not really an “ultrasound procedure”, but we’re obsessed with this cutting edge, futuristic technique of saving lives that couldn’t be saved otherwise.  So we convinced them to come out to Castlefest, mainly so we could learn it from them, but if you’re coming, you may as well learn as well.  We’re super pumped about this!  You can sign up on the Castlefest website now.  Oh yeah, Rob will be there again teaching TEE.  We’ll run some ultimate simulations with ECMO, TEE, and all kinds of things that make us as excited as a tick on a fat dog.
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