Cardiac Valves with Rob Arntfield

Ultrasound of Valves Part 1 with @arntfield, ultrasound in Brazil with @developingem, and Castlefest update…..action packed! #foamed

OK, lots of stuff packed into this episode.  A couple quick updates.  First off, if you want to learn ultrasound with us in September in Brazil, then go to and register for this amazing course.
As for Castlefest, we didn’t tell you yet who was going to be there, but it’s all set now.  How does this sound:
  • Weingart
  • Mallemat
  • Stone
  • Noble
  • Arntfield
  • Laleh
  • Sloas
  • Muhr
  • Goodman
  • Jean-Francois
  • Maxime
  • and others!!

Ridiculous lineup!  Go register now at

Now, for the meat of the podcast.  You may have NEVER even thought about looking at cardiac valves.  Maybe you thought this was beyond your scope.  Well, it’s time to expand your scope and skills.  This is a basic lecture.  We’re not going to get crazy on you.  Just the basics.  Just the can’t miss diagnoses.  If you listen and still think valves aren’t for you……fine.  But give it a listen.  We think Robert T Arntfield will change your mind.
Also, we almost forgot……One Minute Ultrasound is NOW AVAILABLE on Android.  It’s free just like the iOS version.  One more thing.  Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound is free for a couple days.  Some medical students from UCI wanted to load up some iPads to use for teaching on a mission trip, so we made it free for them, but you all get to benefit as well.  Download quickly!
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