Cardiac Valves FOAMED

Cardiac valve assessment part 2 with @arntfield. GE Vscan dual probe machine update. #foamed

 What?!?!  Why is there a company mentioned in this episode!?!?  Have Mike and Matt sold out?  No, we take nothing from GE or any other company, but we’re excited about this new machine, and while we hesitated at first, we realized that this is important to our listeners and we decided to talk about it.
Now, for the education.  This is the second part of the cardiac valve assessment talk done by Rob Arntfield at Castlefest last year.  He’s coming back this year and will be teaching valves again at Castlefest, so sign up now.  No reason to wait for some awesome education, though.  Learn now, start practicing, and then when you’re scanning with Arntfield at Castlefest then you’ll already know what you’re doing and can focus on the advanced stuff.  For now, let’s keep talking about the basics.
Lastly, the ebooks are free on itunes this weekend (Friday and Saturday 6/20-21).  We got another request from medical students for this weekend, and we find it impossible to say no.  You may as well take advantage.
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