Multi-Organ US for PE. Castlefest 2015 registration open…..last year EVER! #FOAMED

We’ve been watching, and you all order a lot of CTs for PE.  If the patient needs a CTA fine……but maybe they don’t need it as often as you think.  There may be a better way.  We’ve got some hot new evidence for you that could be huge for your patients who may have a PE.  Now it requires being a doctor, doing some thinking, and obviously using sound waves, but we know you.  This is right up your alley.  So listen in, read up, and then give it a shot.
Also, it’s only been a couple months since Castlefest, but the castle is for sale (seriously), and it looks like this will be the last year for Castlefest.  So we’re opening it up early.  We’re slashing the number of registrants we’re taking this year as we really want to control it and make it an unbelievable educational experience this last time.  We’re getting it out to you early because it’s the podcast listeners who we really want there.  We’ll announce the instructors later, but if you’ve been before, then you can probably guess who will be there.

Come Learn with Us:  Ultrasound Leadership Academy

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