Social Media and Medical Education. #FOAMED talk from #ACEP13. Part 1

If you were at ACEP 2013 and you heard me (Matt) give this talk, then maybe you can skip this.  It’s not really an ultrasound talk after all.  This is about #FOAMED.  Social Media in Medical Education.  Mike and I both are big believers in FOAMED, Free Open Access Medical Education, and I was asked to talk about social media at ACEP.  So we wanted to put this out there for everyone on the podcast with some comments from Mike.

Another reason we wanted to push this out was to get feedback.  I’ve been asked to give this talk at ACEP again in 2014, and I’d love to hear your comments.  A lot has changed in a year, so let me know what you think can be cut, what needs to be added, and so forth.  This is part 1, but we’ll be releasing part 2 in about a week.  Then we promise…..BACK TO ULTRASOUND.

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