FASH US exam for HIV/TB with Hein Lemprecht. Ebook free for a few more days. #foamed.

We swore we’d bring it to you, and here it is.

Yes, it’s not basic like we’ve been doing recently, but we just can’t help ourselves.  This is too cool not to bring to you now.  If you work in a setting where there is a high prevalence of HIV/TB or you ever plan on working there, then you NEED to listen to this and learn this.
Also, you already know the Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound is free on Inkling.com right now.  Well it’s also free in iTunes right now.  So it’s completely FREE everywhere for a few more days.  Make sure all the medical students that you know download it.  It’s available for their ipad or mac (iTunes) or their iphone, PC, or Android via Inkling.  Don’t miss out on this #FOAMED. (Links are below.)
Lastly, we’ll be streaming Castlefest to you this year if you weren’t able to register to come learn with us.  Right now we have an early bird special going for the streaming version.  It’s available for the very reasonable price of $0.  However, we’re going to double that price in about a week and then probably double it again day of, so you want to reserve your virtual spot now!  We’ll put more info on the website soon as to when and where the stream will be.
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