Basic Cardiac Ultrasound Literature Podcast and Free Streaming of Castlefest 2014! #FOAMED

It’s here!  Castlefest 2014 is this week!  We hope you’re as excited as we are.  We’re going to be covering a lot of cardiac ultrasound….pretty advanced cardiac ultrasound.  So we wanted to put out a quick podcast on some of the more basic, foundational studies of bedside cardiac US.
This is short and sweet.  Very minimal and not at all supposed to be an in depth look.  It’s just a few studies that we think are important background to know when we talk about using echo at the bedside.  It’s definitely part of the “Back to the Basics” series.  If you missed the FASH episode on HIV/TB last week definitely go back and watch it.
Also, come back right here each day to find the link to watch all of Castlefest 2014 for free!  Lectures by Mike Stone, Vicki Noble, Chris Fox, Scott Weingart, Andy Sloas, Rob Arntfield, Haney Mallemat, Mark Goodman, and others.
Tuesday and Wednesday will be Livestreamed by Rob Rogers, who’s in town for the event.  That link is HERE.  However, Monday and Thursday may be via Google Hangout or whatever works best for us.  In general the lectures will be from 0800-1000 and 1300-1500 each day, but the schedule is subject to change.  We’ll try to tweet out updates.
Follow us @ultrasound for up to the minute updates and use the #CF2014 to tweet about the conference and send us your real time questions about the lectures.
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