AEUS Basics

Basic Ultrasound courtesy of The Academy of Emergency Ultrasound #FOAMED

If you hadn’t heard, the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound has an incredible set of videos on Vimeo.  GO THERE NOW!

There are both basic and advanced videos there.  Because we’re still in the “Back to the Basics” series here on the podcast, we’ve loaded up several of our favorite basic ones for you here.  These are by incredibly smart ultrasound leaders, and this sampling is:

Central Lines by Arun Nagdev

DVT by Frances Russell

EFAST by Beth Cadigan

Renal by Peregrine Dalziel

This is WAY longer than normal.  It’s over an hour.  Also, it’s pretty much none of us.  Not like our normal podcast.  We didn’t want to soil these lectures with any of our shenanigans.
We’ll have more shenanigans for you in a week.
Oh yeah, almost forgot.  We’re going to be putting the ebook on 100% off sale on iTunes as well as