Tissue Harmonics Imaging by @bedsidesono and #sonosweden shoutout…..#foamed

Tissue Harmonics Imaging by @bedsidesono and #sonosweden shoutout.....#foamed
The moment you’ve been waiting for is here……Tissue Harmonic Imaging!  That’s right.  We heard you.  The 100 emails per day we receive begging us to cover this hot topic have become too much for us to ignore.
So we got our physics dude, Mike Stone, to tackle this hot topic.  It’s tissue, it’s harmonics, and it’s imaging all rolled into one with some homework at the end.  If there’s one thing that can make physics more fun, it’s homework.
Also, if we haven’t mentioned it in the last 5 minutes, #Sonosweden was awesome!  What a great conference put on by some amazing Swedes.  After such hospitality we feel a little bad crushing their olympic dreams this winter…..but not bad enough to not rub it in anyway.  We can’t wait to work with these Swedes in the future.  In fact, we’re not going to wait.  A couple of them have agreed to join The Ultrasound Leadership Academy.  These are brilliant Scandanavians who will contribute awesome things to the Academy.
Now enjoy the physics talk.

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  1. Physics podcasts excellent guys thanks .
    Cannot get them” tissue harmonics” to play
    Anyone else having the same problem ?

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