Back to the basics

Google Glass in Ultrasound Education and more Physics….Artifacts by @bedsidesono! #foamed

We’re continuing the Back to the Basics Series with @bedsidesono explaining ultrasound artifacts like only he can.  Yes, 3 physics talks in a row, but again, we think this is important.  We’re trying to roll them out one right after another so we can also keep giving you the juicy clinical stuff.  Patience grasshopper…..
Also, we’ve got #glass and we’re super pumped about it.  We’re trying lots of different ways to optimize and enhance ultrasound education with Google Glass without being Glassholes.  Look for more from us in the future on this.  The first thing we’re trying is integration into conferences.  We’ll be using it at Sonosweden this month and then really going strong with Glass at Castlefest in April.  See you then!
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