Carotid Flow Time for Volume Responsiveness + “What does the Chris Fox say?” #foamed

You liked Carotid VTI for volume responsiveness?  Well, then you’re going to love this.

This is another concept that is being studied right now…….not proven yet.  But it’s awesome!!  All the ease of finding the carotid, without all the fuss over angle of insonation.
We’ve got Vicki Noble, the lung queen, and Dave Mckenzie, recent graduate of the ultrasound fellowship at Mass General talking about this technique.
Also, as you read above, we have a new segment we’ll occasionally run, especially when it’s a new or controversial topic.  We’ll get The Man, Chris Fox, to give us his thoughts and find out exactly “What does the Fox say”.


Somehow we got invited to teach at smaccGOLD this year….. must have been some sort of mistake. Regardless, we’re taking the opportunity to hop a puddle jumper down under and ultrasound some joeys and wallabies. If you’re worth your weight in Fosters you take yourself over to the their website and register. And if you’re coming, make sure you submit your abstract by Nov 22nd.
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