Ultrasound guided Peripheral IV – Give this to your nurses! Teach your providers. #foamed

Yes, we’re still in the summer of the resuscitationist, and yes, IV placement is a pretty basic skill.  We’ll be bringing you one last fluid responsiveness podcast extremely soon (hint – it’s about carotid flow).  But you can’t resuscitate your patient without access.  And it’s been one year since our free ultrasound guided IV course and we wanted to follow up with you.
We never really released a straight PIV podcast, so we wanted to do that.  We wanted to give you something you could give to your nurses or providers to teach them.  This is something you can use to flip the classroom.  Have your providers watch it, then come together to practice and learn hands on.  This is a crucial skill, and it’s simply good care.
You can download the file HERE without the intro or anything else.  Feel free to give this to anyone and use it however you see fit.
Special thanks to Rob Reardon, Andrew Laudenbach, and Frank Madore who wrote the PIV chapter in Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 2.  Many of the videos and clips in this podcast are from that book.