Integrated ultrasound approach to Fluid Responsiveness……Canadian Style. #FOAMED

Remember the funny talking French Canadians who brought you EGLS recently?

Well, they’re back.

They think we’ve been a bit narrow in our discussion of the IVC for fluid responsiveness.  They think we could get a little more sophisticated with our sound waves than looking at the IVC in isolation……and we think they’re right.
Fair warning:  The first several minutes of this talk are physiology heavy, but it’s great stuff and totally worth it if you can make yourself focus on the details.  It matters!!  
And just so you know, we met them in person at the World Congress of Ultrasound in Medical Education last week and they were great guys!  Of course, we didn’t understand a word they said, but we nodded our heads and smiled for hours as we talked to them.
Lastly, if you’ve got a #FOAMED idea, go apply for the #FOAMED Innovation Scholarship.  Or if you want to support the Scholarship and get your learn on at the same time, then buy the iBooks.

See you at the Castle! versions:
Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 2 (available very soon)