Carotid VTI Passive Leg Raise for Volume Responsiveness. #FOAMED

 So you love the concept of the passive leg raise, but getting that darn LVOT VTI is really tough, right?

Well, what if you could just perform a carotid doppler instead?  Much easier window!  Our friends at the University of Arizona have been studying this, and there’s already been some stuff published on this.
So here it is:  How to and discussion.  Also a quick announcement about a trip to Sweden we’ll be taking soon.
This isn’t the end of carotid doppler for volume responsiveness, though.  There’s another technique being currently studied at Mass General, and we’ll bring that to you very soon.  Similar…..but different.  Coming soon.
Oh yeah, also, Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 1 and Volume 2 can be viewed on your computer now through iTunes!  With the newest Mac OS, Maverick, you can download ibooks to your computer.  So don’t forget to do that, and don’t forget to apply for our FOAMED scholarship.
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