The Great IVC Debate: Stone v. Weingart. The Rumble in the Castle 2012! Part 1 (Stone) #foamed

 If you were at the castle last year for Castlefest you may or may not have recovered from this breathtaking debate.
First off, who knew Weingart was a biter?!?!  I certainly never would have guessed Mike Stone was that accurate with throwing stars!
Anyway, it was epic.  The most impressive thing, though, was the way they wielded the literature and made such concise, clear arguments for and against IVC ultrasound for volume assessment/safety/responsiveness/whatever you want to call it.
If you have no idea what we’re talking about with this debate, then you should do some catching up.  Go back and watch our podcasts about fluid responsiveness:
Then listen to Stone’s interview with Haney where they bash the IVC.  Then listen to Scott’s podcast (it’s called EMCRIT if you haven’t heard of it) where he bashed Stone for bashing the IVC (nobody puts IVC in the corner!!)
Then listen to this podcast.  And if you want to debate it yourself with either of these two fine gentlemen, then sign up for Castlefest 2014.  They’ll both be there.